Our impact

    • Unique Products

      All our products are hand made from upcycled fabrics from Cambodia, making each and every one of our bags truely unique and one of a kind just for you.

    • Sustainable

      By upcycling those leftover fabrics otherwise thrown away, our products save water and energy during production and allow us to provide you with our sustainable products.

    • Fair

      Since we believe in equality, all our workers in Cambodia receive fair wages. To control these standard, we have no middle man in between but a one stage supply chain.

    • Donations

      Because we believe companies have a responsibility towards society we want to contribute by donating parts of our resources to provide children in Africa with school meals.

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    Unique Products

    Our products stand out due to their funky, colorful, and unique design. Usually, such characteristics are associated with poor and cheap mass-produced products. But at SAROWA we do things differently. We believe funky, colorful, and unique products can, and in fact, should be of high quality with durable fabrics. To underline this ambition, all our products are handmade to guarantee exceptional quality. Naturally, our products are unique because there is a limited amount of every leftover fabric. This means each and every SAROWA bag has a unique composition of fabrics and design pattern, so our products are exclusive, individual, and inimitable in nature.


    We redefine sustainability by utilizing leftover fabrics. Together with our partners in Cambodia, we collect leftover fabrics from other manufactures and save them from being disposed by bringing them back to life! This process is known as upcycling, which saves up to 10,000 liters of water per kilogram of fabric (e.g., cotton) and produces no waste! Given these benefits, our impact on the environment is enormous and we proudly label our products as sustainable because we reduce the waste of leftover fabrics in the fashion industry and release a small portion of the usual CO2 emissions!. Upcycling is the future present, so is SAROWA.


    The reason why we started this project was to improve the lives of the people actually creating these amazing bags! That is why we commit to paying fair wages and offer high transparency! We only have one producer in the capital of Cambodia and by having this short one-level supply chain, we can ensure the quality and our set standards.


    We started SAROWA with the intention to make the world a better place. With the smallest actions we can already make a huge impact. That is why we donate for every product sold to the NGO Mary's Meals, which offers school meals to children in Africa! For every pencil case and toiletry bag, we donate one week of school meals! For every backpack we even donate 4 weeks of school meals! Let's make an impact there together!