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Fanny Pack Cord

Fanny Pack Cord

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Great for every occasion. Our fanny packs are made by hand from upcycled fabrics from Cambodia, making every single one truely unique. (The fanny packs thus might also slightly look different from the images)

Materials We Are Using

All of our bags are made form upcycled fabrics from Cambodia.

How Our Bags Are Made

Our bags are made by hand by a diverse and passionate team in Cambodia.

Our Social Impact

We try to maximize our impact and thus besides using upcycled fabrics we donate part of our resources

Our Shipping Policy

We will ship our bags to you for free for orders above 50€

Transparent Supply Chain

All our products are hand made in Cambodia. This is also where we source our fabrics. Once finished they are then shipped to Germany and from there to you.

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  • Key Facts

    29cm x 10cm

    The strap length is adjustable between 75cm and 105cm.

    Weights about 0,3kg.

  • Durable

    The high-quality materials used make our fanny packs durable, ensuring that your belongings stay safe.

  • Donation

    We believe companies to have a responsibility towards society and thus for every fanny pack sold we donate 2 weeks of school meals for children in Africa.

  • Young Startup

    We are a young Startup with a big goal: rethinking how we treat our fabrics. With your purchase you will support us and help us increase our impact.

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Rethinking Fashion

What makes us different?

All of our products are hand made from upcycled fabrics from Cambodia which makes every bag a one of a kind. By using discarded fabrics we save water and energy during the production, making our bags climate friendly. We pay fair wages to all of our workers in Cambodia and donate part of our resources to provide children in Africa with school meals.

This is how we are different.